Providing Quality Machine Coated Products Since 1997

Established in 1997, Russin Factory Finishing (RFF) is a state-of-the-art machine applied coatings facility located less than a mile from Russin Lumber Corp. headquarters in Montgomery, NY. RFF is an authorized Benjamin Moore and PPG machine coating applicator: we machine apply a wide variety of coatings to many different substrates offering you more choices. From truckloads to custom job lots, no project is too small or large.

Benjamin Moore – The Independent Dealer’s Partner

We partnered with Benjamin Moore for two major reasons – we believe strongly in the quality of the coatings they offer and we love the fact that their coatings are so easy to find within our dealer network. Through our partners at Benjamin Moore, we can offer primers and topcoats in a factory environment with additional topcoats available for purchase at easy-to-find Benjamin Moore retailers…in many cases, this will be the same lumber dealer who sold the prefinished siding.
We also continue to offer PPG coatings as we have since Russin Factory Finishing’s inception over 15 years ago.


Coatings Applied to Exacting Quality Standards Under Ideal Conditions

First, the substrate is acclimated to the environment until reaching optimal levels of temperature and humidity. Next, high-speed rollers and brushes force coatings on to the surfaces and edges of the substrate, including into crevices. RFF applies a consistent amount of coating to every area of each piece to ensure even, complete coverage.

Proper Drying and Inspection Means You Use Every Piece

Boards are then placed on large drying racks where all ends and edges are visually inspected and touched up by hand to ensure quality control.The racks allow for proper air circulation and the coating completely dries at the proper temperature and humidity before final packaging.

A Better Quality, Longer - Lasting Finish

Why? Because machine coated products are protected first.When siding, trim, and decking are installed unfinished, the exposed face can be damaged from ultraviolet rays, wind and rain leading to potential adhesion problems later when field coatings are applied.Without primer on the ends, edges and back side of siding and trim, moisture is allowed to enter and will eventually affect the final coating and overall performance. Moisture is the worst enemy of siding and trim products! Machine applied coatings represent the best way to eliminate problems and enhance performance. The substrate is never exposed to damaging weather conditions.Coatings are applied to exacting quality standards with moisture content at an ideal level for finishing. Proper adhesion is achieved and appropriate drying time takes place.These ideal conditions are rarely duplicated when field finishing. Factory finishing results in a beautiful finish with no lap marks, shrink lines, sags, or streaking as well as extended coating life.

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